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Ordinary Security Systems function

more like “Information Systems”. 

They monitor and inform you when you are being broken into or afterwards…

Most Security Systems are

hoping to deter criminals from

attempting to enter, which does have some value.  However, if the burglar or home invader is intent on

getting in... they can -- usually in

30 to 60 seconds.

Rolling Shutters are more like a knight’s armor,  providing a

real barrier to entry



30 to 60 Seconds is usually all the time a burglar opts to take to gain entry. 

Rolling Shutters require 7-10 times as long to penetrate.

Residential Break-ins and Bank Robberies are increasing as the Economy sputters.

Unemployment is up to 6.1% and real inflation is over 5% (27-Year High)

75% of all Breaking & Entering (B&E) occurs on rear or side of home.

Victims of Breaking & Entering crimes who do not increase their level of protection are 4 times more likely to be burglarized again in the future – because criminals focus on vulnerable targets and repeat where they found access easy in the past.

Rolling Shutters take

7-to-10 times longer to penetrate than the average burglar allows for entry.

Vacation homes are more vulnerable to breaking and entering.


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